The Role of Profit in the Business of Education

Tom Segal makes a rational case for for-profit in the business of education.  This is a must read for anyone who has an opinion on the role of for-profits in education.  “Incentivizing Innovation in Education; or A Role For For Profits in Education.”

Some in the business of education (forgetting that they are in a business as well) will make statements like “corporations are only in it for the bottom line.”  Usually those making such statements (1) have never worked in a corporation outside of the business sector of education and thus cannot speak with authority on the motivates and values of corporations or of the individuals that constitute those corporations, (2) have not defined what they mean by corporation, or (3) have not been willing or have not offered to work for free.  Last time I checked, few people are willing to work for free.  Everyone who seeks compensation for their time and talents are ultimately working for the bottom line.

The word corporation derives from the word “corp” which means body.  A body seeks for survival and sustainability.  Seeking the bottom line is the work of any body – survival and sustainability.  Otherwise, the only other option is death for the body.  I do not know of any corporation (be it the business of education or otherwise) that does not seek for survival and sustainability.

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