Redesigning the Paint Can

Teaching a class on innovation changes your perspective on just about everything.  For example, I was at a home improvement store some weeks ago and happened to walk through the paint aisle.  Within a few moments I thought of several ways that the paint can and the painting experience could use some disruptive innovation.

  1. Why not have a square can?  Saves so much more space.  I have a friend that works for SpaceKraft.  They are making a killing in the shipping industry by using square, recyclable, cardboard boxes to ship LIQUIDS!
  2. Why are paint can tops so hard to open?  Why is it that I need to have a screwdriver (which has nothing to do with painting) if I want to paint?  To open the can.  Easy win for a company to make millions redesigning a paint can with an easy off / easy on.  Why not take a strategy from the Ziploc company for how to design the simple opening and closing of objects?
  3. Why do I have to have a stick or another screwdriver after I have opened the can?  Shouldn’t there be an easy way to mix the paint?  Why does the paint need mixing anyway?  Why not reformulate the paint recipe so that it is ready to be applied upon opening without the need for mixing?
  4. Why does paint come in a can?  Why not a cardboard square box?  See point 1 above.
  5. Heck, for that matter, why do you need paint anyway?  In our electronic world, why not have a wall that is like the iPad DoodleBuddy app where you can choose your colors to suit your fancy?  Want green today?  Touch and done.  How about blue?  You are set!

About Taylor Halverson

I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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