Learning, No Greater Responsibility

One of the great church books on teaching is “Teaching, No Greater Call.” With deference to the timeless truths and principles we can find in that book, I wonder if we need a second book titled “Learning, No Greater Responsibility.”

What does this mean for teachers and learners in the Church, especially with the new curriculum starting in January 2018? https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865693942/Do-we-need-a-Learning-No-Greater-Responsibility.html

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The Real Dates of the 12 Days of Christmas that Most of the World Has Forgotten

There are 12 days separating December 25 and January 6—the original Twelve Days of Christmas.  Why are there two separate dates to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ?


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One Significant Way Jesus Used Numbers to Create Meaning

In ancient Jewish times, the number seven symbolized perfection, completion, or fullness. The number seventy combines the perfection of seven with the symbolic completion of ten. Therefore, Jesus is using a form of hyperbole to make a point that our forgiveness needs to be perfect; it needs to be full, complete and ongoing, not half-hearted, measured, calculating, or backtracking.


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The Connection Between Sacrament and Thanksgiving

As you participate in this holiday season of Thanksgiving, and especially when you celebrate God’s saving acts when you partake of the Eucharist (sacrament), remember that these are acts of covenantal renewal. God wants to be our God and He wants us to be His people. God’s Old Covenant has been refreshed in the New Covenant through Jesus Christ and the Eucharist (or thanksgiving) is the embodiment and the enlivening of that New Covenant.  http://www.ldsliving.com/How-the-Sacrament-Ties-Into-Thanksgiving-and-Why-This-Holiday-Should-Remind-Us-of-Our-Covenants/s/87053

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How One of the Most Common Phrases in the Book of Mormon Is Also the Most Meaningful

Three reasons why the phrase in the Book of Mormon “And it came to pass” is significant and meaningful.  You’ll never read this phrase the same way again.


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What We May Have Missed in Jesus’s Loving Response to a Despised Man in the Bible

Zacchaeus in name and in reality was “the pure in heart,” and he was accordingly blessed to “see God.”  Learn more at http://www.ldsliving.com/What-We-May-Have-Missed-in-Jesus-s-Loving-Response-to-a-Despised-Man-in-the-Bible/s/86841.

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“Son of man” or “Son of God”: Two Crucial Names for Christ We Keep Misunderstanding

The phrases “Son of man” and “Son of God” actually mean the opposite of what we think they mean.


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