What We Learn About Marriage from the Garden of Eden

A careful reading of the text of Genesis clearly indicates that Adam and Eve were married in the Garden of Eden, and that their marriage was intended to serve as a model for marriage for their descendants.


Article by John Gee and Taylor Halverson

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Talking is Not Teaching. New Podcast

My latest Podcast, “Talking is not Teaching,” presents a complete re-framing of the approach to teaching the gospel that mirrors much of what is being rolled out in Sunday schools and in Priesthood and Relief society with the Come, Follow Me style of gospel learning.


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Teaching the Gospel Using Metaphors and Analogies

Are you a gospel teacher or learner?  Listen to this podcast to learn about the principles for using metaphors and analogies in teaching and learning.


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Ladders, dirty windows and the need for the light of Christ

If you were asked to clean the windows of a church, how long would it take to accomplish the task? A few hours, days, weeks, months? How about nearly 300 years. And the ladder is still there waiting for the window cleaner to ascend.

What if I were to tell you that the windows needing cleaning and repair are at what is considered by many in the Christian world to be the holiest spot on earth — the Church of the Holy Sepulchre within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem?


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Insights on Covenants from the Five Books of Moses

God’s covenant with Moses and his people provides the structure for The Five Books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), also called The Pentateuch or the Torah. This covenant required faithfulness from God’s people in return for peace and prosperity in the land.
When you read the Five Books of Moses, look for the pattern of this covenant. And look for this covenantal pattern when you read other portions of the Old Testament, the Book of Mormon, and the New Testament. God wants to be in covenant relation with His people and the covenant God made with His people at Sinai, which was regularly renewed at Passover, then at the Last Supper, and now through the Sacrament, is the major covenant permeating the scriptures.
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Preexistence and Creation: A Perspective on How to Read the Creation Story

The Genesis account of creation does not depict God creating matter out of nothing (what is traditionally called “creation ex nihlo”).  Instead, Genesis narrates God creating this earth out of matter that already existed. The focus is not on the grander universe but only an account of this earth which serves as a backdrop for the covenant God will make with His people on this earth. Reading the Bible narrative from the perspective and worldview of the Bible writers can clarify our understanding and enhance our appreciation of scripture.  Ultimately, and by so doing, we see more clearly the why of scripture: to teach us of the covenants of God.


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The Creation and Its Relation to God’s Covenants

The creation narrative in Genesis was not written to provide a how-to manual for how the earth was created. The creation narrative instead serves as a backdrop to the covenant that we are expected to keep.


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