Co-founder and Co-director, BYU Virtual Scriptures Group. Multiple projects:

Co-director, Interactive Digital Scriptures Project, sponsored by Book of Mormon Central.

Free Resources

See all scripture locations mapped for free on Google Maps at this resource I designed & helped create

And the Virtual New Testament is finally here! Learn more about this and other free scripture resources at

Scripture Tools Projects (with BYU Information Systems department):

  • Read the scriptures with a Google Maps plugin. See all geographical references in the Old and New Testament in context. (beta recently updated)
  • (alpha)

Voice Work

Other projects I’ve contributed to

  1. Tomb of Christ: The Church of the Holy Sepulcher Experience. National Geographic
  2. BYU Library Study Carrel redesign (Design lead)
  3. Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, project initiator (with BYU and LDS Church)
  4. Technical Writing (English & Information Technology)
  5. Keeping Hearts Safe (Family Life)
  6. Google Glass Project: Library Exploration (with BYU Library and IP&T department)
  7. World Civilization Timeline Mapping Tool (with BYU CTL and Geography department)
  8. Analytical Reading Tool (CTL)
  9. Archives and Archival Research (Library)
  10. BYU Capstone Alumni Survey (Mechanical Engineering)
  11. BYU Capstone Team Formation (Mechanical Engineering)
  12. BYU Learning Communities (BYU General)
  13. BYU Learning Suite (BYU General)
  14. BYU Publications Exhibit Booth (BYU General)
  15. BYU Student Website – OneStop Website (BYU General)
  16. Center for Teaching and Learning Seminars (CTL)
  17. Communication Island (Electrical Engineering)
  18. Cool Apps Contest (CTL)
  19. Digital Design Tool (Industrial Design)
  20. Fluid Dynamics (Civil Engineering)
  21. Global Health and Human Diversity (Nursing)
  22. Information Technology Visualization (School of Technology)
  23. Language Teaching Methodologies (Spanish & Portuguese)
  24. Maxwell Institute Resources
  25. Motivation in Learning Animation (Linguistics)
  26. New Faculty Teaching and Learning Orientation (Nursing)
  27. Nursing Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illnesses (Nursing)
  28. Paleography (History)
  29. Rank and Status Policies (BYU General)
  30. Student Learning Portfolios (German)
  31. Teaching Tips (CTL)
  32. Teaching & Learning Workshops (CTL)
  33. Technology Tips (CTL)
  34. Travel Abroad Preparation Training (Nursing)
  35. Welsh Transcription (Humanities)

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