Education as a timeshare

Together with my History of Creativity course students, I attended the last BYU Innovation Academy session of the semester this evening.  Jeff Dyer, author of The Innovator’s DNA presented a summary of his finding.  It was engaging and informative.  During the meeting I had these associational thinking ideas:

What if education was like a timeshare?  You pay for your education but then you could swap with others in an open market to attend for a short time other universities, locations, campuses, programs, etc.  So, if you got accepted to (bought an educational time share from) BYU, Stanford, Harvard, etc., you could then spend one semester at BYU, the next at Stanford, the next at Harvard, etc.  This associational idea is based on the principle of enhancing your innovative skills through networking that Dyer talked about.

And to spur creative and innovative thoughts a great question to ask is “What is different than expected?”

About Taylor Halverson

I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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