Multimillion dollar design opportunities

We all interact with human designed products all day (unless you live naked in the forest).  There are tremendous opportunities for improving the design of these products.  Here are three that could make someone millions of dollars:

  1. Stylish mens’ dress shoes that are as comfortable as snug fitting tennis shoes
  2. Credit card receipt paper that does NOT curl up into a cylinder (which cuts back on some hassles when signing the paper which usually won’t lie flat)
  3. A mobile phone design so that you can talk on your phone hands free and (1) not break your neck to hold the phone in place and (2) not require ear buds…which are so uncomfortable!

If anyone knows of designs that already exist to solve these opportunities, I’d love to know about it.

About Taylor Halverson

I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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