The Restoration of the Priesthood

My scripture studies article on D&C 13; 20:38-67; 27:12-13; 84:6-30; 107:1-20; 110:11-16; Joseph Smith—History 1:66-73.  Quote from the opening paragraph:

“After hundreds of years God’s priesthood power returned to the earth in a series of remarkable visions and angelic visitations.  Oliver Cowdery played an important role in the restoration of the priesthood.  He had come to Palmyra, New York in the winter of 1829 to serve as the teacher of a school over which Hyrum Smith was a trustee.  Upon his arrival Oliver asked to be a boarder at Joseph Smith, Sr.’s home.  In the process of time Oliver began to hear about the golden plates that Joseph Smith, Jr. had in his possession in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  Eager to learn more he continued to ask Joseph, Sr. all about the plates until his searching was satisfied.  Soon thereafter Oliver received the impression that it would be his opportunity to serve as scribe for the Prophet.  As soon as the school term was completed in early spring, Oliver put his affairs in order and set out for the 135 mile journey to Harmony, Pennsylvania with Joseph’s younger brother Samuel.  These two brethren were relatively young at the time, being respectively twenty-two and twenty-one years of age.”

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