Reading the Scriptures Geographically: Some Tools and Insights

Back on July 4, 2014, my article “Reading the Scriptures Geographically: Some Tools and Insights” was published by Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.

Why Geographical Visual Learning?

Humans are visual learners.  The content area of scripture is primarily conceptual and abstract, and thus many readers struggle to master the core fundamentals of history, geography, and themes of the scriptural texts.  Without such fundamentals, learners are adrift in an ocean of content without a meaningful map to order and make sense of it all.  Visually immersive learning environments can significantly enhance learning gains.  Such learning gains are possible when abstract concepts are visually concretized.

Scripture Tools: Introduction to Google Earth and Google Earth Bible (GEB)

In this article I will review several geographical tools that help to contextualize stories, which can aid in understanding the scriptures and drawing out meaning from them.  Then using these tools I’ll demonstrate how the meaning of a variety of scriptural passages may be enhanced by reading the scriptures in geographical context.  I will conclude by providing other suggested geographical and visual learning with scripture resources.

Learn more at:  “Reading the Scriptures Geographically: Some Tools and Insights

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I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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