BYU Sperry Symposium This Weekend (Oct 24-25)

If you are in the area, you may consider attending the annual BYU Sperry Symposium sponsored by Religious Education.  Sessions begin the evening of Friday, October 24 and continue on Saturday, October 25.  For a full schedule click here.

“The Sidney B. Sperry Symposium, held annually at the end of October at Brigham Young University, features speakers from BYU Religious Educational, Seminary and Institute teachers in the Church Educational System, and other gospel scholars. The symposium focus is traditionally on the topic for Gospel Doctrine and Church study for the upcoming year.

The theme for the 2014 symposium will be The Ministry of Peter the Chief Apostle, which sheds important light on the mission of the man whom Jesus himself referred to as “the rock.” Presentations will treat Peter’s cultural background and context, his role in the apostolic church, many of his noted teachings, and his important legacy in early Christianity and the Restoration. But above all, Peter is revealed as one who, through the atonement and the endowment of the spirit, overcame his own weaknesses to become one of the greatest, and most powerful, witnesses of the divinity, mission, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The keynote speaker will be Elder Bruce C. Hafen. Since 1989, select papers from the Sperry Symposium have been co-published by Deseret Book and the Religious Studies Center at BYU. The entire printed collection represents the work of more than 275 authors producing more than 600 articles.

Sidney Branton Sperry (1895–1977), a leading LDS scholar of the Book of Mormon and Bible, joined the Religion Department at Brigham Young University in 1932 and retired in 1969. The first Sperry Symposium was held four years later in 1973.

The symposium is free and open to the public.”  From

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