Teaching the Bible with Google Earth and Other Visualization Tools. SBL Presentation

At the Society of Biblical Literature annual conference, I’m presenting on “Teaching the Bible with Google Earth and Other Visualization Tools.”

“Humans are visual learners. Texts alone cannot provide the full context for engaging the Bible. Therefore, emerging visualization tools, particularly geographical tools offer promising opportunities to engage our students more significantly in reading and understanding Biblical texts. The purpose of this presentation is to provide several examples of how meaning, understanding, and interpretation of the Bible may be enhanced when it is read in its geographical context. I will introduce several free geographical study tools such as Google Earth, the Google Earth Bible (scriptures.byu.edu/mapscrip) and the VirtualWorldProject.org. Then I will model teaching and studying practices that employ these tools to help learners develop their Biblical interpretation skills. Case examples to serve as models of teaching the Bible visually and geographically will include Caesarea Philippi in Matthew 16, the Temple Mount in John 8, Tel Dan in Genesis 14, Beth She’an in 1 Samuel 31, Timna in 1 Kings 7, Lachish in 2 Kings 14.”

About Taylor Halverson

I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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