The Modern-Day Tyndale Moment: Increase Scriptural Literacy

The Modern-Day Tyndale Moment: Increase Scriptural Literacy on the Deseret News.

Today we are living in another transformative period — the digital age. A new age means a new Tyndale moment.

We need an explosion of learning resources contextually connected to the scriptures.

My vision is that combing the best of learning design and user experience design with the greatest resources about the scriptures will result in an exponential increase in scriptural literacy.

My vision is that the floodgates of scriptural knowledge that are locked away in the great libraries of the world be broken open so that all people, whether of high station or low, have at their fingertips the very best resources about the scriptures. No longer should it be the sacred domain of a few trained scholars to have access to the best readings and learnings about scriptures. Just as Tyndale labored to make the scriptures available to all people, not just for the trained elite, so too in our day, we can provide better access to the existing scriptural resources and know-how that are typically only available to a limited number.

What if we were all empowered with greater scriptural literacy? That would be revolutionary indeed. It would be a Tyndale moment.

About Taylor Halverson

I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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