Brigham Young University Learning Suite

After nearly two years of design and development, Brigham Young University’s Learning Suite has been officially launched.  In cooperation with the Office of Information Technology, the Center for Teaching and Learning where I work designed and built the system from scratch.  If you have never tried this at home, it is nigh impossible to comprehend the magnitude and seriousness of the undertaking.  No university on the face of the earth has ever developed their own learning management system.  BYU, wanting to better serve the learning needs of students and teaching needs of teachers decided that creating our own system would answer those needs.  I’m so impressed with all my colleagues and with what they have accomplished.  I worked at Cisco for several years.  I know what it takes in terms of capital, manpower, planning, adoption, and time commitment to create such a massive project that will impact above 35,000 end users.  At Cisco, such a project would have easily been a 3 – 5 year process.  After BYU made the decision to go independent (not just in football) in Learning Management Systems, we had essentially 21 months from initial design to first general release.  And the Learning Suite is amazing!

About Taylor Halverson

I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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