The Kingdoms of Glory

My scriptures studies article on the Kingdoms of Glory: D&C 76; 131; 132:19-24; 137.  Quote from the opening paragraphs:

“Since days of old God has designated special witnesses, or prophets, to be his voice unto the world.  The term prophet comes from a classical Greek word which signifies,

One who speaks for another, especially one who speaks for a god, and so interprets his will to man; hence its essential meaning is “an interpreter.” [A Dictionary of the Bible, by William Smith, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1979), p. 534.]

“One of the chief duties of the Latter-day prophet Joseph Smith was that of an interpreter of the scriptures.  As a prophet, he rendered authoritative interpretations as the spirit of inspiration guided him.  Often times, proper interpretation necessitated God revealing additional light and knowledge to his Prophet through visionary experiences.  This article will highlight in historical context some of the marvelous doctrines God revealed through vision unto Joseph Smith as he pondered questions about Biblical passages.”

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I love learning. I love connecting. I love interdisciplinarity.
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