Comments from Tour Members

  • “I’ve just said goodbye to Taylor. How sad! I wish he [was available to] go with us on the rest of the trip [to Jordan & Egypt]. He is a miracle. He blessed my family and me in so many ways. I can’t believe what an intelligent, beautiful person he is. EVERYONE in my family was so blessed by his testimony and knowledge. His testimony and knowledge of history / scriptures / current geo politics are without peer. He explains things in very understandable ways. Lastly, he’s a complete delight to travel with. We simply couldn’t wait to see him every morning.”
  • “Taylor: Thanks to you and Lisa for making our trip a fun and wonderful learning experience for our family.  Your breadth of knowledge, love for the people and the country and your fun attitude made for a winning combination.  Thank you for everything.”
  • “Wow my mind is still circling with new found memories, facts and treasures.  We are feeling very blessed that we had the opportunity to make such a trip with such incredible people and guides!”
  • “Taylor, you made this a fantastic trip of learning and a great beginning to understanding so much more than we ever would have dreamed possible in a weeks time!  Good job and good times!!”
  • “The trip was very well planned across the board.  Taylor was fantastic.  He was knowledgeable, accommodating to our range and variety of questions, contagiously enthusiastic and passionate, funny, and just a great person you wouldn’t mind being stuck on an island with.”
  • “Thus ends the best vacation ever. Taylor Halverson is an AMAZING tour guide!! If you’re ever looking for a guide to the Holy Land, call Taylor!”
  • “Thank you for the amazing knowledge you shared with us on those eight days in Israel. It was truly the most amazing trip and experience we have had!”
  • “I had dreamed of going to Israel for many years. Taylor and Lisa you helped me realize a dream that was beyond expectations. Thank you for sharing your love and passion for the region and leaving me with amazing scriptural, spiritual, historical and political insights. I can’t wait for the next trip with you guys!”
  • “We so much enjoyed our time with you and Lisa – you made it such a success!”
  • “Thank you, again, for all you did to create a great experience for our family.”
  • “I appreciated your informed Latter-day Saint perspective on the Holy Land.”
  • “My knowledge and insights about the Holy Land and peoples expanded tenfold when I toured with Taylor & Lisa. It was a trip of a lifetime.”
  • “I hope there is a chance for another of those intimate and amazing tours with you sooner than later.”
  • “I really enjoyed your insight into the scriptures and how you opened them up to us with your presentations and testimony.”
  • “I have been reflecting on our great trip to the Book of Mormon lands. I want you to know that we really enjoyed the cruise and meeting you and your family!”
  • “It has been some time since we last visited; yet our Israel experience still is the number one topic of conversation for us. Thanks again for making it such a delightful and lasting experience.”
  • “Our fondest gratitude for including us in your tour experience. It was such an additional pleasure to get acquainted with you and Lisa. Thanks so much!”
  • “Fond memories!”
  • “We would enjoy another tour with you.”
  • “We really enjoyed cruising with you and your family!”


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